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About Charles Cain

Charles Cain, President of Charles Cain Consulting Group

Over a career that has spanned more than a quarter of a century, Charles’ projects are quite visible. The relocation of the data center for CMT from the Opryland complex to its present location in downtown Nashville, TN. Other projects include migrating 180 websites for Viacom from a legacy advertising platform to another without any loss of revenue, the CMT Music Awards/CMT Flameworthy/TNN Music City News event site each year since it’s inception in 1996, the TNNRacing.com website, the initial Country Music Hall of Fame website and the CMA Awards website as well as the original Country.com website back in 1996. It was in those days that Charles’ approach to project management was forged.

Before Agile was widespread, Charles and the teams he was part of on those projects operated in an iterative fashion. The business unit and the development team established priorities and then worked in a collaborative fashion to achieve the necessary results. Nowhere else was this more apparent than with TNNRacing.com. Each week a new list of priorities was established, work began on those priorities and rolled out to production. Impediments that were identified in testing or upon deployment were identified and placed on a list of issues to be corrected in the next cycle.

Recognizing that others may be facing the same issues, Charles began evangelizing this way of working and the corresponding tools. Charles has been engaged for giving training others in project management frameworks and tools. This has included tools such as Atlassian Confluence and JIRA, Trello, Basecamp, and CA Clarity. On the team and divisional level, Charles has conducted training workshops and introductions to frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban and has coached many colleagues on the respective roles, responsibilities, and ceremonies that go with those frameworks. He also serves as a facilitator and coach during Scrum of Scrums and has been integral in the creation and facilitation of quarterly roadmap planning workshops for as many as 18 teams at a time.

Charles believes in continuing education not only for those he works with but also in himself. He has earned his Certified Scrum Professional, the Certified Scrum Product Owner and of course the Certified Scrum Master credentials from the Scrum Alliance, the Project Management Professional (PMP) and the Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) from the Project
Management Institute. He is recognized by the International Consortium for Agile as a Professional in both Agile Coaching and Agile Team Facilitation and is a Certified AgilityHealth Facilitator.

In addition to the above Project Management/Agile certifications, Charles has over 120 hours of professional coaching training in the CoActive Coaching program through the Coaching Training Institute and is currently enrolled in the Certified Professional CoActive Coach program .


Charles Cain’s Coaching Manifesto:

My Life Purpose is to help others exercise the greatness that I see in them. As a coach of individuals, teams and organizations, I have come to value the following:
Creating a safe environment for exploration over following a rigid program.
Valuing listening over speaking.
Living a fulfilled life over merely existing.
To be complete with others as they peer into to the darkness.
Here are the principles by which I will coach:
My highest priority is to hold information revealed during coaching  times in complete and total confidentiality.
Welcome change. This allows the client to be free to explore themselves.
Build an alliance that is strong yet flexible.
Improvement of the client and their situation is the primary measure of progress.
Simplicity is essential.
The best solutions for a client emerge from the client not the coach.


AgilityHealth Radar

We are also proud to be Certified AgilityHealth Facilitators to help assess your Agile Transformation. Using AgilityHealth Radar, we work with you and can provide a look at how a single team, a group of teams, a division or an organization is performing. Using the results provided by the AgilityHealth radars, we can identify areas for improvements, create a Growth Plan and generate the necessary tasks to address those growth areas.

Here is a 3 minute overview of Agility Health Radar:

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It is our core value that when we improve the individual, the team, division and organization that they are part of also improves. As a professionally trained coach, Charles shows commitment to himself and by extension those that he works with.